• Software package «PROGNOSiS»
    Software package «PROGNOSiS» designed for forecasting of quantitative indicators of regional labor markets demand for workforce and the amount of vocational education system training. The complex is suitable for use in executive bodies of the Russian Federation subjects – in the management bodies in the sphere of education, the economy, labor and employment.

    Leaflet “Software package «PROGNOSiS»”




Under development:

  • End-to-end career guidance
    The public information service “End-to-end career guidance” with Internet access designed to inform employers, alumni, students and their parents about the current and future state of the labor market demand for skilled workers.

  • Mobile application «SmartCareer»
    Web-based mobile platform, which is a modules showcase. “Smart Career” is a fundamentally new product and has no analogues in the Russian and foreign markets. The basic idea of the product is to provide a user service, which allows effectively plan a career growth based on the personal characteristics, characteristics of the education system, the labor market and economic and social situation in the region/country. «SmartCareer» allows the user in the form of games, as well as training and interviews to get the answers on the short and long term career guidance for personal and professional aspects.

  • Game «HeadWay»
    The product allows in the virtual world of computer games, scroll real stage of life scenarios of the young man pathway trying to fulfil himself professionally – get a good education and get a paying job in-demand.