Software package «PROGNOSiS» is designed for forecasting of quantitative indicators of regional labor force in Russian Federation regions. PROGNOSiS gives the calculation of the following socio-economic indicators for the forecast period of 10 years:

  1. Forecast of the employees number and the annual additional recruitment needs.
  2. Forecast of the vocational education system annual output.
  3. Balance of the needs and output of the education system.
  4. Development of the optimal key enrollment figures for training in the education system to meet the economy needs.
  5. Forecast of the labor resources balance.

Detailed elaboration of forecasted indicators are carried out in section of:

  • territories (country, subjects of the federation, municipalities);
  • industries;
  • economic activities;
  • levels of vocational education;
  • enlarged education specialty groups;
  • specialties, training areas and professions.

Software package «PROGNOSiS» won gold medal and the first place diploma of the International contest HI-TECH «The best innovation project and best scientific-technical development of the year» in the framework of the Xth St.Petersburg technical fair in 2014 (March 12-14 2014).